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Bleach peeps! If I were to remake Rukia, which outfit would you like to see? 

66 deviants said Shinigami robes, new short hair
50 deviants said Shinigami robes, first season hair
50 deviants said No idea, I'm not into Bleach. :p
46 deviants said School girl uniform!
26 deviants said Casual or formal wear [feel free to specify in comments]

2014 Summer Commissions CLOSED

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 11:31 AM

Guide to Plush-Making | FAQ | Plushies for Sale | Etsy | Facebook Page | Blogger| Website | Commission Info | Tumblr | YouTube

commission status: CLOSED
art trades: CLOSED

EDIT on 01/07/14 Finally answered all my mail! It took a while since all the projects looked awesome (and I may have also been distracted by the new Legend of Korra episodes that I had no idea premiered!) Anyway, there were a lot of requests for the classic type and I only have enough fabric for around 12 plushies, so I couldn't accept everything. I do still have lycra in a shade paler which will still be available in the future. Thanks for all the inquiries and I'm once again sorry for not being able to take them all. ^^; I did load on quite a bit and I'm looking forward to the work. :XD:

Hello! :wave: Sorry this is a bit late, but here's the info at last!

This summer I’ll be accepting commissions on a selective basis, and not through first-come/first-served.  They can either be custom projects or adopt-a-project.  

:star: How will it work?
It’s the same way as before, but the only difference is that I can’t accept everything/anything due to my time constraint. Basically, I will review all of the requests and only choose a select few. I don’t want to overflow my plate, but I might also set up a waitlist for the projects that aren’t chosen.

If you’re a new commissioner, please be sure to review all the details on how to send an inquiry. The links above for custom projects and adopt-a-project have all the necessary info, but if anything is unclear, feel free to comment on this journal.

:star: When does it start?
Now! But no need to rush because I will only be reviewing them on July 1st, meaning you’ve got about 2 weeks to prep an inquiry.  If you’d like a quick estimate to make sure that you can afford the project, be sure to note me here on DA  (or email me at pheleon[at]gmail[dot]com).  

:star: How will projects be chosen?
I have 3 main criteria:
- Available resources (if I can’t easily access the materials, I can’t make the project!)
- Time (if I know a super difficult project will take me 2 months, no matter how awesome I think it is, I won’t be able to do it.)
- Personal interest or attraction to the design.

:bulletblue: Adopt-a-project will most likely take priority since they by default fit the previous criteria. The only bugger is the time factor. (e.g. if 20 projects are requested, I obviously can’t do them all.)
:bulletred: Otakuthon-goers! I will be attending the con, so if you’re going too, I might place priority on your project so that it can be available for pickup. In your inquiry, please be sure to write OTAKUTHON in the email subject line.
Requests are now open and will close on July 1st.
Please read the info in the links. I won't be checking the inquiries until July 1st, so if you have a question, comment below, note me, or email the pheleon account (and not pheleoncommissions which is reserved for commission inquiries).

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If I don't answer your question, it's probably because it's in this FAQ, so please read!

What do you use to make the hair?
So far, I mainly use felt.

How do you do it?
I cut a myriad of pieces of felt, and hot glue them onto the head. I have techniques to create volume; you can read the guide here:…

Are the eyes hand painted?
Yes! See my tutorial for more info.

Do you make your own patterns?
Indeed I do, and always have. I can't seem to follow someone else's blueprints. My pattern-making tutorial can be found here:…

Can you post a plushie pattern?
I have one here: .

Can you post a different plushie pattern?
Sorry, but no. Patterns are a plushmaker's lineart.

What material do you use for the body of the plushie?
Mostly, I use lycra because it's smooth the paint on. However, I also use craft velour and bucksuede on the occasion.

How can your plushies free-stand?
The ones who can are generally the proportional ones. Although, the main factor is that the body parts are aligned with their center of gravity; something as small as the foot being too forward may disable them from keeping balance.

How long does it take you to complete a plush?
It depends. If I really work hard, I can complete 2~3 10" plushies in a day. (but that's when I'm constantly working, and the design isn't that complex)

Are you open for commissions?
Check my journal for updates.


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I genuinely have no idea why I wasn't watching your page before. Your plushies are fantastic - I love the style!!
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Hi Pheleon, Just wondering...
A friend of mine wanted a Korra plushie, and was wondering if you do repeats of past projects?
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All your plushies are FANTASTIC!
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I so want to see some tiger and bunny plush. i would buy them up in a heart beat!
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